Children’s Boutique Pixiedust Pretties – Holiday Gift Guide 2013

I can almost bet that every new mother, especially those of little girls (like me), dream of dressing their baby up in tons of over the top adorable clothes and accessories.  It can be a chore searching the internet for hours just to find a few pieces that you love.  No idea where to start your cuteness search?  Try a boutique.  More specifically go to Pixiedust Pretties – a wonderful children’s boutique website that has some of the most adorable clothing and accessories for babies and up!

You might think that boutique items are just for photography.  No way!  Although, I am including a few photos from my session with my little baby.  Pixiedust Pretties gives every mom the chance to put their baby in a dream outfit.  Picture perfect every time!

When Pixiedust Pretties says that they have “magical accessories made for a princess”  they weren’t kidding!  I was through the roof excited, to include this boutique in my gift guide.  They sent me two sets of products for review: a pettiromper and bloomers each with a matching headband.  My little girl doesn’t have a care in the world besides diaper changes and bottle time, so I had to be excited enough for the both of us.  Easy enough task.

The quality of each piece was impressive!  Every time I put either outfit on her for a photo shoot for the review, my little girl screamed.  She hasn’t been feeling well, and I think mommy with a camera isn’t what she needs right now.  However, I can attest that the sizing was just right for her, the material was soft on her skin, and the headband fit well – maybe even a smidgen loose.  That just means she can wear it longer with other outfits!  No back to the garment fits.  I was pleased at how they hid her diaper and fit her well without being too restrictive or too loose.  There’s nothing worse (but yet cuter) than a baby swimming in an adorable outfit.  Finally, I found stylish boutique clothing that worked for my baby girl.

My Pixiedust Pretties review is focused on my daughter, but they also have a line of ties for little boys that are the cutest things I have ever seen.  Give your guy a little man’s business look with double layer ties with a large selection of colors and patterns.  Appropriately, this line of Pixiedust Pretties is titled Pixiedust Princes.  The cuteness is unbearable sometimes – I love it!

You can also find headbands, bows, bloomers, jewelry, leg warmers, pettirompers, tutus, vintage swimsuit styles, and more!  Don’t wait – there is a Pretty or Prince on your Christmas list that needs something adorable to prance around and wear millions of times.  Plus, it’s a great opportunity for mommy and daddy to snap a few photos for the album.  Fabulous fashion and cherished memories with Pixiedust Pretties Boutique.

We would like to thank Pixiedust Pretties for participating in our Holiday Gift Guide 2013.  While we haven’t gotten a photograph of our little one in her outfits just yet (aside from a few quick blurry snaps), we will be sure to update the post with any photos (to show her off) and to feature Pixiedust Pretties’ products in action!

Edit: Included are some better shots of our little girl wearing Pixiedust Pretties!

Disclosure:  College Grad Coupons received two outfits to review from Pixiedust Pretties.  No additional compensation was received for this review.  All opinions and experiences shared are our own and were not influenced by Pixiedust Pretties.  We value integrity and only provide honest product reviews for our readers.

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