Don’t Dilute! Enjoy Your Beverage with The Whiskey Ball – Holiday Gift Guide 2013

I searched high and low for the perfect Christmas gift for men to include in my gift guide.  I wanted something that said “I’m a man,” but was something that I could secretly steal and use.  Luckily, I found the ultimate compromise, and it’s something the kids could even use when Dad wasn’t looking.  The Original Whiskey Ball is a spherical silicon ice mold for your whiskey or mixed drink or Koolaid for the kids.  College Grad Coupons was lucky enough to receive The Original Whiskey Ball for this review and wanted to share our experience.

The Original Whiskey Ball was designed to slow down the melting process of ice in your alcoholic beverages.  This keeps them from getting diluted and tasting gross.  The 2.5″ spherical design forms in a round silicon mold that presses a classy letter ‘W’ into your ice.  Admittedly, it looks good and was a great brand choice for Whiskey Ball.  There is always some level of skepticism in me when it comes to working with ice molds or trays.  I always spill, over fill, under fill, or crack the tray for the ice.  Whiskey Ball makes it easy with their flexible silicon design for easy ice removable.  They also included a visible water fill line so you get the perfect ice ball every time.  Plus, they have a leak proof design that should keep you and the path to the freezer completely dry.  So far, I haven’t gotten wet yet, so it’s a big check in my book.  Apparently, I also do not understand the use of the fill line because my Whiskey Balls had a few imperfections – the regular ice and the marbled ice (made with a few drops of food coloring after one hour in the refrigerator) – but still functioned great!  I really should have read the Whiskey Ball Tips & Tricks.

My husband was suppose to review this product to give a man’s perspective.  He pulled the mold out of the box gushed about how cool it was and then proceeded to tell me that “real men drink their whiskey neat.”  Neat?  No ice?  I sure am glad I’m not a man because I have to have my alcoholic beverages served ice cold no matter what.

We decided to give The Whiskey Ball a try just to test the dilution rate and how the drink tasted with such a large ball of ice.  After a long pour and a few photo snaps too many, my husband got to enjoy his beverage with the Whiskey Ball.  Remember he likes his neat, so I watched carefully as he took a sip.  The ice ball didn’t fall hard into his face and allowed for more liquid to escape around it and into his mouth.  After a few seconds, he gives me a huge thumbs up of approval!  Woo!  Leaving the ice ball in the empty glass, I wanted to see how long it would last before melting completely.  It look about 1.5 hours for the ball to completely melt into liquid.  However, as it melted away, the puddle it made in the glass grew at a much slower pace.  Meaning that the Whiskey Ball really does slow the dilution process!  Great news for beverage drinkers!

The Original Whiskey Ball is for EVERYONE! Not just whiskey drinkers.  We want to thank Whiskey Ball for being part of our Holiday Gift Guide 2013 with such a versatile product!  For now we will restrict its use for our whiskey, but open it up to creative ice ball designs for our daughter when she’s older enough to drink from a glass. I think I’ll grab my marbled ice ball and a soda now!  Buy a Whiskey Ball today!
Disclosure:  College Grad Coupons received The Original Whiskey Ball for review purposes.  No additional compensation was received and all opinons/experiences shared here are my own.  We value integrity and only provide our readers with honest product reviews.

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