Walk Mee Trainer with Meeno Babies – Holiday Gift Guide 2013

In case you’ve missed almost every post from September to now on my blog, I am a new mom.  It is the most terrifying and rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life.  My daughter is my everything, and I want to make sure that we only invest in products that are safe, quality designs.  It also helps when a product helps her development or just plain makes her squeal with glee.  Admittedly, I don’t know when all of her developmental milestones are supposed to hit, but I will say that I think my three month old is definitely more apt to move by sitting up and standing.  I hope she is an early walker because I can’t wait to see her explore her world.

Meeno Babies sent us their newest product – the Walk Mee Training Walker – for review purposes.  At first, I thought that our little baby was too small to start a walking product.  But, Meeno Babies have designed this trainer for babies four months and older.  Because she is already determined to stand or play in her exersaucer, we decided that we would give it a try right now.  We were impressed that they hit three major points for this product 1) Motor Skills, 2) Physical Development, 3) Balance and Coordination.  Walk Mee is certified safe through CSSIA-compliant and safer than traditional walkers because you control the support reducing back stress for your baby.

The Walk Mee is suppose to be fun for parents and for babies.  Well we will definitely be the judge of that!  At first, it was something that our little girl wasn’t sure about and neither was mommy.  It was completely new, and I wasn’t as confident she’d enjoy standing with it because she doesn’t have that kind of balance yet.  To my surprise, she LOVED it!  Finally, a way for mommy and baby to stand without the my worst fear – her little arm pits becoming sore from me holding her up.  We used the Walk Mee in bursts a couple times a day.  Nothing too long because she physically just isn’t quite ready yet.  I’m going to keep using it to work with her, build her muscles, and practice balance.  Hopefully, this will make her transition from rolling over to crawling to walking much easier for everyone.

Anything that puts a smile on my daughter’s face is a keeper in my book, and I’m so glad that this is something that she can use for months without tossing it into the bottom of the toy box never to be seen again.  With the benefits that the Walk Mee offers what parent could turn down something that helps their child’s development rather than hindering it.

We would like to thank Meeno Babies for being a part of our Holiday Gift Guide 2013.  Their product the Walk Mee Trainer is the perfect gift for any parent with babies that aren’t walking yet.  Help them make this huge milestone a smooth transition for parent and baby.

Be sure to check Meeno Babies for their Cool Mee Seat Liner to keep your baby’s car seat cool in the hot car!  It’s a product we definitely want to try!

Disclosure:  College Grad Coupons received the Walk Mee Training Walker from Meeno Babies in exchange for a product review on our Holiday Gift Guide 2013.  All opinions and experiences shared here are our own and were not influenced by Meeno Babies in any way.  We value integrity and only provide our readers with honest product reviews.

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