Crafty Mom’s Wish List – Pinterest Confessions

If you’ve got a vagina, Pinterest has taken your world by storm.  You may decide to leave it for a few months, but in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep, it creeps back up on you.  Hours of browsing, clicking, pinning – rinse, wash, repeat.  Face it you hardly get past the pin window and go to the actual source.  You’ll pin it now and look at it later.  Right?  Ha!

Pinterest consumes every creative gene in your body – it tingles, it excites, and well it’s an addiction for most. I have no data to back up the “most” statement, but trust me it is. I’ve gotten a Wedding board (Psst. I’m already married and didn’t have a wedding) to plan my fake wedding AND a secret board planning out the wedding of one of my best friends.  It’s every woman’s dream come true to be able to virtual scrapbook every fairy tale magic moment in life ever imaginable.  I wouldn’t be surprised if pre-teens have boards dedicated to their perfect first period.

The boards stack up and the pins are never-ending.  Never mind the thousands of pins that you thought you had grouped perfectly but on occasion find slow cooker recipes in your hair styles board.  It’s a way of life and something that you can’t avoid.  Light night pinning is the worst.  You pin, pin, and pin some more only to realize that half of the things you were interested in at 3AM don’t exactly line up with your usual likes. But, you had to pin just one more burlap post because your dream home is burlap everything down to some sort of toilet seat cover you managed to weave with burlap and for kicks you threw in a little chevron.  It’s every woman’s dream.

I’m guilty of indulging in Pinterest binges frequently, and as a new mom, I find myself pinning more children’s pins than ever.  Sensory activities, crafts, advice, parenting tips, clothes, shoes, DIY, decor, recipes, lists, and just about anything that strikes me as a future need-to-know for all the cool moms.  I’m on Pinterest – that’s cool mom star number one.

So you want to be crafty?  Pinterest is your place, but you have to have a wish list.  This wish list is every craft supply you’re always dreamed of owning because there are at least three hundred crafts or DIY home decor idea pinned to one of your boards waiting for you to get the supplies.  In order to be successful at just one craft you need to have a basic hoard of supplies:

Hot Glue Gun
Mod Podge
Paper Punches

Chevron (anything)
Scrap Paper
Cookie Cutters
Wasi Tape
Wooden Sticks

You can’t go wrong with the above list.  It’s the starter kit of Martha Stewart or whoever is relevant nowadays when it comes to crafts.  Is that you?  Shoot me a message so we can connect – I’d love to share your tips!  But, like I said this is Pinterest confessions, and they’re never pretty.  Pinterest is a tough relationship to have because it’s the nice guy giving way too much and you’re the good-intentions woman taking way too much for personal gain.  All those pins are your aspirations, creativity, imagination, dreams, and hope-filled wishes of all the stuff you could have if only you could work a glue gun.  Seriously, that stuff leaks out like crazy, and I can’t even figure out how hard to squeeze the trigger.

So, men reading this post, let your lady spend three hours on a Saturday night on Pinterest.  You may think she’s crazy, but trust me.  Bring her some, or all, of the items mentioned above and a pint of her favorite ice cream.  It’ll go a long way.  Pinning this idea now in hopes that it finds you!

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