Save Money with Store Brand Baby Foods – Perrigo Nutritionals Review + Givewaway

I received baby food products from Perrigo Nutritionals for this review.
All opinions shared are my own.

Being a mom means that you have to make all the tough decisions. You go from what to wear, what toys to play with, what schools to attend, what televisions shows to watch, and from the first moments of life mothers choose what their babies eat.

Baby products, especially formulas and foods, leave a wide open market available where moms everywhere are unsure what products to use.  Store brands versus name brands, cheap versus expensive, and all the fine print on those labels can leave your head spinning.  Breastfeeding moms may breath a sigh of relief, but not really because they are fighting the same system just on a wider range of foods that they consume and then their babies.  Are you really getting the same quality from store brand baby food that you’ll get from the more expensive, better known name brands?
Gerber, Similac, Enfamil, and Beech Nut are just some of the top brands that new moms learn about fairly quickly and they sometimes don’t get all the information about each before making their decision.  I know I didn’t.  When asked what formula I wanted my newborn daughter to drink at the hospital, I had no idea.  I asked for more time to think about it, but with my contractions coming ever 2-5 minutes, I never got around to finding out more.  So, I chose my formula brand based on price and what my nurse saw chosen more often in this hospital.
Once you’ve made your decision, it’s hard to switch.  It’s often times suggested by doctors that you do not attempt to change your baby’s brand of formula for until after six months – mine suggested it with me when I wanted to try some of the free samples I had received.  But, when you start comparing the prices, store brands are often cheaper.  Moms on a budget need to save money without compromising quality or nutrition.
Perrigo Nutritionals, one of the largest manufacturer or nutrition products for the store brand market in the United States, knows that families need high-quality nutrition at sensible prices.  They make infant formulas, baby cereals, toddler foods, and pediatric nutritional drinks.  Major retailers like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Sam’s Club, Kroger, and more have Perrigo Nutritionals store brands for up to 50 percent off the leading brand names.  That’s a huge savings!

I had no idea how comparable store brands where to what I considered to be the real deal.  The variety of cereal puff snacks, fruit pouches, and formula blew me away.  Trust me, I didn’t even get to see everything   Perrigo offers.  I’m a budget conscious mom that won’t sacrifice quality or nutrition for my baby girl.  I had be hesitant to buy any store brand foods or formula.  My daughter was a Gerber baby, not consciously; it’s the go-to baby brand.  She had their formula and baby food.  She’d probably graduate to their snacks eventually.  I buy store brand.  I’m not against it, but a twinge in me had me grabbing Gerber over Parent’s Choice at Walmart every time.

What was I thinking?  I’m passing up on the same selection, same quality, and cheaper prices because of a name brand.  I must be crazy, right?  No, I’m a new mom that while not going completely crazy and buying the most expensive brands of baby food but figured I was safe with a cheaper name brand.  Perrigo Nutritionals doesn’t compromise on taste or nutrition from what I’ve compared.

Save yourself about $600 per year by switching to name brand baby formulas, foods, and snacks.  Buying store brands from Perrigo Nutritionals provides you peace of mind because they are only one of four companies recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for meeting the strict FDA requirements for safety, nutrition, and quality for infant formula-manufacturing in the United States.

My review package included a helpful book from Crystal Paine Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.  She goes over nine simple strategies to stress less, sleep more, and restore your passion for life.  That’s something I can live by.  You can start by following her “5 Money Saving Tips for Families” guide:

  • Create a Budget – Parameters and purpose in your shopping trips while still having the freedom to live creatively within those boundaries.
  • Shop with Cash – Stop going a little bit over when swiping! Stick to your budget.
  • Plan a Menu – Don’t scrap your dinner plans for takeout.  You’ve already purchased your meal ingredients and should go ahead and follow through.
  • Use Coupons – My readers know this! Clip, print, and organize.  Stay up-to-date with sales and don’t buy what you absolutely do not need!
  • Buy Store Brands – They’re just as good as name brands and can cost up to 50 percent less!  Find coupons for store brands at
I’m right there with Crystal on these money saving tips.  I have a strict food budget every two weeks, get the money out of the bank account to have cash in hand to shop, plan a loose weekly meal menu, use coupons when I can, and I always try to buy store brands when getting groceries.  Now, I’ll be adding some store brand baby foods to my shopping list.

Enter for you chance to win a Perrigo Nutritionals Prize Pack:

Disclosure:  College Grad Coupons received a Perrigo Nutritionals store brands baby food and formula review package and a book from Crystal Paine for review purposes. No additional compensation was received. We value integrity and only provide our readers with honest product reviews. All opinions are our own.

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  1. right now using gentle ease and gerber cereal, would love to try these sound amazing love the review am all for saving money and good nutrittion for babies, thank you for the chance!! 🙂

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