The Best Wedding Gift Idea is Adventure with #BestBuyWedding Registry

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Wedding registries are commonly filled with forks, spoons, and three sets of those fancy dishes that you’re not sure you need, but might as well throw them on there. BORING! If you’re getting married, a new adventure is about to begin for your significant other and yourself. I don’t just mean figuring out how to unclog the toilet at 2AM. You’re about to have a partner for life that means they get to tag along for almost every new thing you get to do from now own. You won’t have to do it alone ever again. So, why make your wedding registry alone. Let Best Buy help! Or if you’re looking for something for you and your partner to remember for the rest of your lives, you might want o secretly look at Caribbean yacht charters as a wedding gift, while coupling as a honeymoon?!

Go ahead and toss out every cookie cutter (yes, pun intended) idea you have about asking for towels, pots, and photo frames from your guests. Tell them to ban together and really help you start your new adventure. My husband and I were thrilled to embark on at least one yearly vacation that meant we could explore somewhere we’ve never been. Our best adventure took us roughly 16 hours of driving to Connecticut. We then took a train into New York City, visited New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and more! Coming from North Carolina is was amazing to road trip to so many new places that reminded us of home, but also sparked something exciting in each of us. Our road trip together left us feeling like new people with more hopes and aspirations than ever before. We navigated the roads on our own mostly and were explorers full of love and laughs.

Sure we didn’t have it all then. I mean we did print the directions our for our route because we didn’t have a GPS or a phone with enough battery life to make the entire trip. Take it from me, you can’t go wrong with creating your ultimate adventure registry at Best Buy.

Here’s 5 Wedding Gift Ideas That Don’t Suck – err I mean Adventurous Wedding Gift Ideas:

5 Adventurous Wedding Gift Ideas


You’ll want to keep these five things in your bag for your next adventure with your spouse. Sure there are more important things to bring like emergency cash, band-aids, and a stashed roll of toilet paper for those unscheduled pit stops. But, with these wedding gadgets you’ll be sure to take your relationship places you never dreamed and back home with ease.

Stop printing out online directions. Stay up-to-date with a dedicated GPS, so you’re not draining your cell phone’s battery life. The Garmin nüvi 2689LMT is the best rated GPS on Rightfully so, with the large 6″ display, Bluetooth, and built-in lifetime maps!

Speaking of smartphone battery life, extend yours with a mophie juice pack air External Battery Case. These cases come in a variety of colors and fit many models of smartphone including the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Hikes in the woods, hours of driving, or just because you’ve Instagrammed a ton of photos with a cute, custom hashtag, won’t leave your cell phone dead when you need it most. You know that time your tire blows out on the freeway and you desperately need a towing service.

Don’t miss a moment with the GoPro HERO4 Silver Action Camera or the Canon PowerShot SX500. Start making memories. Take high quality video of your road trip outside the car or film yourselves instead the car. Trust me. Once you’ve been in the car with your significant other for 10 hours, you’ll have some interesting conversations to look back on. Plus, you could upload them to YouTube and be the latest vlogger couple that everyone wants to watch. You can have one of these cameras without the other, but why?! Bringing along a point-and-shoot camera gives you the opportunity to create scrapbooks and photo albums of your adventures. Minimal editing is needed and it won’t take you all day to upload to Facebook – unless you’ve got thousands of photos to show the world. We all know that you do.

Finally, grab yourself a Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker. Don’t worry you don’t have to be on a fitness kick to use this one. See how much sleep you’re losing thanks to your spouse or see how many steps you walk on your next adventure. Set goals and have a competition to see who can take the most steps. Girls be prepared because we all know that your husband is going to cheat on this one!

New experiences with your spouse are more vital than that expensive vase from that designer store. Break the traditional wedding registry by planning for your own adventure. Ask family and friends looking to buy wedding gifts to consider Group Gifting. More expensive gadgets shouldn’t be ignored for the $30 spice rack, when more than one person can go in and buy a gift that will mean so much more to the happy couple.

Traditional wedding monotony is going to the wayside these days, and I am so glad that Best Buy Wedding has given happy couples a registry that can reinvent weddings as these couples reinvent themselves. Make your own Best Buy Wedding Registry today!

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What was the best wedding gift you received? Let me know in the comments below! I want to see the most unique or heartwarming gifts you guys can share.

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