Chicken and Waffle Bites Game Day Appetizer

Easy Chicken and Waffle Bites Game Day Appetizer

Chicken and Waffle Bites Game Day Appetizer Food - Harper Mondays

Game day appetizers don’t have to be grape jelly meatballs and cheese dips. Add this last minute appetizer idea to your list and you’ll be sure not to go home with any leftovers.

Chicken and Waffle Bites


1 bag Frozen Popcorn Chicken
1 box Frozen Waffles
1 bottle of Syrup
1 box of toothpicks


  1. Decide how many chicken and waffle bites you need for your party.
  2. Prepare popcorn chicken as directed on the bag.
  3. Toast frozen waffles as directed in the toaster.
  4. Cut waffles into bite-sized pieces just slightly bigger than your chicken. Two waffles made approximately 16 bites at my party.
  5. Assemble: Waffle, popcorn chicken, and inserted toothpick.
  6. Drizzle syrup over the bites for a deliciously sweet finishing touch.

Easiest party food ever, and I doubt that there will be another platter of these bite-sized chicken and waffle servings.

Sit down and enjoy the game! Hopefully, your favorite team wins!

Go Panthers!

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