Teacher Gift Ideas for Parents Who Aren’t Martha Stewart

Sorry Pinterest! Teacher Gift Ideas - Harper Mondays

When I was younger, a lot of times, I would think all teachers would ever do is grade essays. Sometimes I even thought they never went home after the bell would ring. Teachers do not get as much credit as they should.
It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, so you get what I’m saying right? Every year at the end of the year, your child’s teacher is handed an arm load of Pinterest-worthy gifts from parents thanking them for dealing with their child. Let’s do a little math on the subject: One teacher multiplied by 30 years of teacher gifts (estimated about twenty gifts per year). What does that equal? A lot of stuff thrown immediately in the trash, 43 name plates, 22 pencil cup holders, and many of the teacher’s personal belongings going to Goodwill to make room for all the sentimental stuff. Do you want to perpetuate this cycle? Teachers work hard 10 months out of the year with your child. The other two months they’re preparing to do it all over again with someone else’s. I’m already preparing for my first round of teacher gifts next year with these not too hard, not too frilly, but much appreciated teacher gift ideas.

Teacher Gift Ideas for Parents Who Aren’t Martha Stewart

Initially, I had written down gift card to Dollar Tree because of their great selection of education supplies and just overall affordability. But, then I scribbled that out to say gift cards in general: Walmart, Target, favorite restaurant, nail salon, hair salon, Lularoe – you name it! Now, that I’m actually writing this post for parents, I realized if you really want to surprise the teacher stalk her life and pay one of her bills. You heard me. Dive deep on the internet and find out where she lives to pay a utility.

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t include stalking as a teacher gift idea, but…

Secretly adding money to the teacher’s lunch account wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I’ve heard of people all the time anonymously paying someone else’s bill over the telephone. I’m just saying if they could go one month without paying their cell phone bill or water bill wouldn’t that be a real gift?

Less invasive teacher gift ideas could include:

Clorox Wipes in the biggest pack you can find. Children are snotty – they have germs. Germs penetrate classrooms at an alarming rate and sickness spreads. So, in order to keep all the children in class each day, we’ve got to do whatever it takes to keep the germs at bay. You might be thinking this is the lamest gift idea ever because it’s on the supply list given at the beginning of the year. Do you realize how expensive Clorox Wipes* are in the store? Few parents purchased them off the list and by the end of the year this teacher is out and praying that she can make it these last six weeks without them. Toss a multi-pack her way and include a cute tag that says, “You put up a good clean fight this year!”

Another real gift idea

Travel sized deodorant because we all know your child’s teacher has forgotten to apply at least once this year. It happens. In fact, go ahead and put together an Oh $#!& bag for such occasions. Include travel sized: deodorant, mouthwash, dry shampoo, hair spray, lotion, floss; and some gender appropriate items like feminine hygiene products or beef jerky* for the male teachers. Yep.. because I have no idea what a male teacher might really need in a pinch. Pack it neatly in a cosmetic pouch (if you subscribe to those monthly makeup services, I’m sure you’ve got a few around) and send it with a cute note letting the teacher know she can keep this in her desk for all those mornings where nothing goes as planned. The cheekier the note the better I say!

The simplest gift!

Toss an extra candy bar in the cart next time you’re in the checkout line. Doesn’t matter what flavor, but I recommend Snickers. Isn’t that everyone’s favorite chocolate bar? Wrap it in some computer paper and write, “For those stressful days.” Eating your feelings is frowned upon unless you’ve been defeated by a room of 20 second graders all wanting to tell you their Minecraft gaming stories. This chocolate bar is for emergencies only!

Saved the best teacher gift idea for last:

Have your child draw a meaningful ‘Why I Love My Teacher’ card with all the love and memories of a successful school year scribbled inside and out. Before you cue the awes, this made-with-love card has something a little extra special scribbled inside.

On your way home, check behind your rear passenger tire.

There you’ve inconspicuously hidden an airplane bottle or two of alcohol adorned with a little note that says, “Just in case my child is the reason you drink.” Those soft, puppy awe eyes should be wide with excitement for this one parents! But, there are a few rules:
1) Be absolutely sure your teacher is a drinker before gifting alcohol.
2) Grab something basic: wine, flavored liqueur, or a popular whiskey.
3) Don’t get caught planting the gift – seriously!

Teacher Appreciation Week doesn’t have to be about gifts. If for whatever reason that’s the last thing on your mind, send your kid to school with lots of gratitude and hugs for a teacher that has worked his/her butt off making a difference for one year in a group of students’ lives. Don’t get caught up in sending the perfect gift. Send a few of my gift ideas for teachers – seriously! You cannot go wrong with these thoughtful gifts that can really help a teacher out.

What are some of your favorite teacher gift ideas? Feel free to send me some of the pins on Pinterest if you’ve got some great ones. While you’re there feel free to follow my boards and see what I’ve been pinning lately.

Teacher Gift Ideas - Harper Mondays
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  1. Most of my teacher love pictures so I give xtra memory. Teacher who like to cook, I give family favorites, tried an true, quick and easy, and a couple of variations of what ever is there favorite food in a cookbook. Throw in some unique items from the specialty grocer and one container of “love”. No matter what you make it’s always better made with love.

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