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Sustainable Fashion prAna - Harper Mondays

Unless you’re a P.E. teacher you probably can’t expect to wear your daily lounge clothing to work. Much like my husband who works in a government office, he can’t expect to wear his black skull t-shirt and jeans. On his own accord, he has decided to try to dress up his usual work wear from polos and khakis to button down long sleeve shirts and khakis. Baby steps. His goal is to feel better about the clothes he wears daily and to have more of a cohesive closet that includes clothes he can wear to work and out on an adventure. Currently, he has two wardrobes and neither of them are great. Sorry hun! Years of wearing the same clothing wears them down and when you’re dealing with lower quality fabrics from mass manufacturers, you can’t depend on your clothes to last you. With a little help from prAna, Shane has been able to add at least one outfit to his wardrobe that he can wear in the office and in the backyard on a Saturday afternoon. He’s a family man that needs sustainable fashion in so many ways.

What do I mean by sustainable fashion?

In short, I mean he needs clothing that will hold up for the long haul considering he is a father that provides for his family on a single income. The majority of the clothing budget goes to our growing daughter. But, on the other hand, I also mean investing in apparel that is recycled, fair trade certified, organic, or explicity hemp items. Fun fact: organic production helps to replenish and maintain soil fertility along with reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizers. It’s a production system that promotes biologically diverse agriculture and is better for our earth.

Buying clothes from a company like prAna who is focused on having a positive impact on the world and promoting self expression through fashion has a huge impact.

No, I don’t mean tees with writing on them.

Think of it this way. You are mostly how you dress. If you want to take a hike, sight see in the city, or run around the backyard with your kids, then you need comfortable clothing. If that means basketball shorts and a basic t-shirt, that’s fine. For some, it means that you need to look professional, look sharp, and look a little polished to feel like yourself and to enjoy everything you love doing without limits. Sometimes looking professional means you literally cannot go faster than 3 MPH in your tailored slacks because the range of motion is lacking. It’s all business folks!

What we love about prAna

Aside from the obvious love of the use of organic materials, hemp, and recycled items. The polished look that accompanies every piece sold Shane and I on prAna clothing. Let’s take a look at the outfit Shane picked for this campaign.

prAna Sustainable Fashion Organic Cotton Hemp - Harper Mondays

Top: Broderick Long Sleeve in Nautical

Bottoms: Calculus Pant in Coal

Shane’s job isn’t a suit and tie office. Up until now, he’s been getting away with wearing a polo and a pair of khaki cargo pants. Did I mention we live in a small southern county? Six years at his current job wearing the same wardrobe eventually meant holes, fraying, and an overall worn look that the washing machine just couldn’t get out. When a polo was too holey to wear again, we were tossing out large pieces of fabric that were more harmful than good for our local landfill.

Because comfort was a huge factor for Shane, he has been hesitant to make the change to more professional attire. He wanted to invest in quality clothing when he made the transition because after years of going through 25+ polo shirts a year, we couldn’t keep throwing away our money. prAna gave us a higher end option that didn’t for a second throw out the comfort Shane needed.

For example, his Broderick Long Sleeve button down is light and soft with a pattern that is both work appropriate and casual enough to wear for a day working the wood pile on our property. Those Calculus pants have an elastic waist band. You heard me! They literally pull on, have ample thigh room, and look great. He can wear them to the office and then join our daughter after work for a game of soccer without ever changing.
We’re a family that spends a lot of time indoors, but because we have nice weather 3/4 of the year where we live, like to take our indoor activities outside. Shane’s a guitarist and on a cool day he jams on his acoustic on our back porch, while Harper plays. When daylight is scarce in those colder months, he can come right in from work and forget about changing clothes. He grabs his guitar and heads right outside with us.

prAna works for our family

Whatever your adventure, prAna can work for you too! It’s more than sustainable fashion when it comes to their core belief. They want to give back more than they take from the world. Let them also give you back your life and your closet!

prAna Sustainable Fashion Organic Cotton Hemp - Harper Mondays

You can buy prAna straight from their website with a large selection of men’s and women’s clothing. Select retailer locations, like REI, in select cities have prAna available to purchase. See their dealer locator for a full list of locations.

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To find clothing that works for your life and to learn more about sustainable fashion, you can connect with prAna on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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