Store Bought Cookies for Santa

Tasty chocolate chunk cookies that explain why my family chooses store bought cookies for Santa for Christmas.

Why Santa Eats Store Bought Cookies - Harper Mondays

During the holiday season, you probably do 85% of your baking for the year. I’m talking pies, cakes, and cookies galore to feast on with family and friends and to deliver as special holiday gifts to those you care about. I, like some other people in this world, cannot bring myself to turn my kitchen into a cookie factory beginning late November until January 1st. I haven’t been mass producing baked goods the rest of the year so why start now? But, I have a child who takes part in the Santa tradition and part of that tradition includes leaving the big guy a plate of cookies and glass of milk. I can get behind that especially when I can influence their cookie preferences for Santa. Because we’re crazy busy this holiday season, Santa eats store bought cookies and he’ll like it especially when those store bought cookies are Back to Nature Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

I don’t know what’s better the joy of a mom pulling those Santa cookies out of a box she picked up at the grocery store and having them plated in less than a minute or her child’s face on Christmas morning.

It’s a toss up.

Back to Nature Chocolate Chunk Cookies are a great choice to satisfy that sweet tooth. You get all the sweet chocolatey goodness from a home-baked cookie without all the work. Healthy cookies do not taste good. That’s why I would rather choose a cookie that’s ingredients are chosen on simplicity rather than health. Cookies aren’t supposed to be healthy, so when I’m splurging for the day I want to be sure what I’m eating is made with better ingredients.

What makes Back to Nature Chocolate Chunk Cookies better?

Back to Nature listened to their customers and achieved a non-GMO verification by replacing 42 of their ingredients back in 2015. As a mom, that’s amazing because this company cares about what they’re producing and how that affects their customers. Plus, all of their cookies are also Organic Certified without the hefty price tag. Back to Nature Chocolate Chunk Cookies retail for between $3.49 to $3.99 per box making this organic product comparable with other organic and non-organic brands on the shelf. They’ve also ditched the hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup!

Store Bought Cookies for Santa - Harper Mondays

How to make store bought cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve

  1. Go to your local retailer that carries Back to Nature cookies
  2. Purchase said box of Back to Nature cookies
  3. Arrive home to prepare cookies
  4. Open box
  5. Dig out your special Santa’s cookies dish and milk glass
  6. Plate the cookies
  7. Pour the milk (dairy or dairy free)
  8. Wait for Santa

When in reality, step 9 is go wrap all the presents you’ve been meaning to wrap before Christmas Eve and find yourself scrambling to get wrapped before your child bounces out of bed for a surprise midnight bathroom break.

The best part about these delicious cookies is that I’m not scrambling to find them after the holidays, and my family can eat them year round. Currently, they have about 19 cookie flavors to choose from so that there’s something for everyone. Enjoying these organic certified cookies means that the only guilt I’ll have is hiding in the pantry to enjoy a few so that I don’t have to share.

Back to Nature products include: cereal, granola, crackers, nuts & trail mix, soup, juice, and of course, cookies!

Most major retailers offer Back to Nature products like Kroger, Ahold Delhaize stores, Publix, Whole Foods market, and Sprouts Farmers Market. You can also learn more about Back to Nature products by following them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Start a store bought cookies for Santa movement.
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Store Bought Cookies for Santa - Harper Mondays

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