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Hear me out when I tell you that you NEED TO TOSS EVERYTHING OUT OF YOUR CLOSET RIGHT NOW!

As women, especially moms, we get into a clothing rut. Our closet is packed full of clothing that we have had since high school, and most of it doesn’t fit anymore. Sure the sizing might still be the same if you’re lucky, but there is a lot of changes your body goes through between age 16 and 28. My boobs aren’t where they used to be, and I don’t think I carry my weight the same way everywhere else. Don’t mourn your loss! Embrace the chance to declutter, maybe make a few dollars, and invest in a comfy, cute wardrobe that will get you through morning drop off, workouts, casual errand running, and dressing up for your significant other for a night out.

You should really check out my new favorite leggings at FabuLegs by Melissa and read my full FabuLegs review.

She’s a woman that has built a brand on popularity and comfort. It’s her attention to detail and superb costumer service that really makes her clothing company stand out. Did I mention that she does most of the work entirely by herself?

Girl power!

FabuLegs started out as a leggings company that wanted to make buying those soft, delectable body huggers more affordable, more accessible, and more of what you want. Sure other companies are offering leggings so soft that Paula Deen would scream, but FabuLegs offers you more.

What You’re Getting From FabuLegs:

1. FabuClassic Super Soft Legging Material
2. Assortment of Tops
3. Kids Leggings for Mommy/Me Sets
4. Upcoming Men’s/Boy’s Line (April 2018)
5. FabuCouture Leggings WITH POCKET
6. Holiday Prints
7. Accessories (Some Free with Purchase)
8. New Prints Monthly
9. FabuCapri – Yes, capris!
10. Solids, Solids, Solids Including BLACK
11. SALES!

Let me elaborate!

Currently, FabuLegs offers several different tunics to pair with your leggings. These are solid colors and available in a wide range of sizes (S-XXXL). You’ll even find a fleece tunic that would be perfect for colder weather! The stock is always changing to add new items, so it’s always the first place to look when you need a new top for your new leggings.

I am in love with the kids sizing (S/M and L/XL) that offers prints that match the adult leggings. It’s super easy to grab a pair for yourself and your kiddo without spending hours watching live sales or stalking for the latest inventory album upload from those other brands. You simply add your leggings to your cart and checkout. Easy-peasy! Plus, some prints are unisex meaning you and your son can definitely rock awesome leggings. There have been sports prints, superheroes, and so many more fun prints for both boys and girls.

Plus, you can find the Fabu4Men line launching in April 2018 that will include more masculine leggings prints for men and boys as well as joggers in the future! I can’t wait to see where Melissa takes this line expanding her super soft empire to the entire family.

FabuCouture is a slinky, soft fabric that only a few prints are available in. What sets these leggings apart from the FabuLegs classic style are that they include a pocket at the waistband. It’s the perfect size for your keys, small cell phone, or even an insulin pump if that’s what you need! As a new style, Melissa even offered a similar pocket-style that included a larger thigh pocket that was great to hold your cell phone. She’s always thinking about what women need, especially moms who always need more pockets!

FabuLegs FabuCouture Leggings with Pockets - Harper Mondays

To keep the variety coming, Melissa schedules her new print releases monthly. If you see a print you want, you can just buy it. No fighting for it unless it’s super popular and hundreds of people order it before you do. So, place your orders fast! Monthly print releases include new prints, relevant holiday prints, and one mystery print per month. Lucky me, I received BunRatty and Gio from the February Print Release. Now, I have a pair of shamrock leggings to wear for St. Patrick’s Day, and got to enjoy the mystery print of the month.

Along with all the prints, she keeps 4-5 colors of solids that match the seasons available at all times. In the winter, the deep burgundy, olive, teal, and more were available with some stock available year round. Gearing up for spring, there is a release of pastels and lighter solids to wear. I’m actually looking to add the black, navy, and gray FabuLegs and FabuCapris (when available) to my closet. They’re the perfect staples to dress up, dress down, and to lounge around in on a rainy day.

Sometimes It’s Just Too Hot to Wear Leggings

Finally, yes I said she offers capris! You can find most prints available in the shorter style that are perfect for the warmer months. No more rolling your leggings when you can have an entire arsenal of breathable legging capris to wear every day of the week during the summer!


FabuLegs by Melissa is notorious for sales! For example, you can find many 3 for $33 sales, BOGO sales, and she’s even had a 60% off sale for reaching 60,000 group members in her FabuLegs Facebook group. FabuLegs are available for $22 for women’s sizes and $15 dollars for kids sizes. That’s already cheaper than the other guys! Plus, paired with one of her frequent sales you can stock up on all the prints that you love.

Speaking of sales, Melissa has generously offered my readers an exclusive 20% discount (no expiration date)! All you have to do is click through my affiliate link to shop FabuLegs and enter promo code HARPER20 at checkout!

FabuLegs Review - Harper Mondays

My Official FabuLegs Review

I’ve gushed about all the great things about the FabuLegs brand, but I haven’t gotten to share my opinion on my review leggings. I LOVED THEM AND HAVE WORN EACH PAIR SEVERAL TIMES! They’re truly super soft, stretchy, and easily worn with a variety of shoes. In the winter, I wear boots and booties with my leggings with longer shirts layered with cardigans. During the warmer months, I wear Sketchers Bobs shoes and my flip flops religiously with my leggings. I’ve recently found some longer plus sized tank tops from Walmart that are perfect. I’m actually wearing a navy one with the Bunratty shamrock leggings as I’m finishing up this post.

How Do FabuLegs Hold Up in the Laundry?

I’ve washed mine several times. There’s been absolutely NO PILLING, and I’m a thick-thighed woman. I choose not to put my leggings in the dryer because I’ve got several different brands. And, we all know that you can’t trust those other brands in the dryer. However, in the FabuLegs Facebook group women are always saying how they wash their leggings in any load of laundry and toss them in the dryer. No shrinkage!

Why You Should Buy At Least One Pair of FabuLegs Leggings

Have you ever needed to look dressed up but couldn’t fathom squeezing into those Spanx to wear your favorite dress or could see yourself pulling on those shapeless dress pants one more time? Then, you need to at the very least grab a pair of black FabuLegs. Toss them over unshaven legs with cute shoes and a professional top (LONG ENOUGH TO COVER YOUR BOTTOM), and you’ve got a business casual look that’s sure to wow. Still feeling under dressed? Use layers to tidy up the look but not so many that you look homeless. A simple cardigan always does the trick for me.

Wondering If FabuLegs Will Fit You?

Here are the women’s leggings sizes for FabuLegs:

Small (XOS) fits Tween / 0-4
Medium (OS) fits 6-10
Large (TC) fits 12-20
X-Large (XTC) fits 22+

Full disclosure I am at the top end of the Fabulegs Large (TC – for all you Lulaladies), and I do not feel like they are too tight at all. In fact, I’ve noticed that there is plenty of stretch especially in the legs without being too baggy for my liking.

What are you waiting for?! At least check to see what cute patterns Melissa has in stock right now by visiting the FabuLegs website. Remember to enter promo code HARPER20 at checkout for your special discount (not applicable with other sales/discounts).

You won’t be sorry! In fact, you’ll be completely comfortable with your decision and feel fabulous! See what I did there.

FabuLegs Review - Harper Mondays

Disclosure: This post was a sponsored review from FabuLegs. All opinions and experiences shared here are my own and were not influenced by the collaborative relationship. Links used above are affiliate links. There is no added cost to you to use these links, but they do help me earn additional credit toward FabuLegs.

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  1. This is seriously the most helpful review ever! I almost did not buy from fabulegs because I could not figure out what size leggings to choose. You are seriously a rockstar! Thank you so much!

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