What Cooking Oil Should I Use, Malaysian Palm Oil?

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If you’re anything like me, most things are foreign to you in the kitchen. So, when a box shows up at your door with Malaysian Palm Oil inside you have no idea what you’re doing. I had no idea what it was, and I wasn’t sure if I knew anything to cook with it. Would it stink? Why is it half solid and half liquid? Is everything I cook going to be that orange-red?! Once I calmed down and started educating myself on palm oil, I realized that there were a lot of really good things about cooking it with: non-GMO and the environmental impact on producing it versus other oils got me hooked. Let me share with you all the great things about Malaysian Palm Oil I learned.

Malaysian Palm Oil | Harper Mondays

What is Malaysian Palm Oil?

You’ll find oil palm trees near the equator full of fruits and that’s where this cooking oil starts. These trees, when farmed together, are high yielding making them more environmentally friendly than other oil sources. For example when comparing one acre crop yields, you get 11 times more oil than from a soybean and even seven times more oil than canola. Plus, oil palm trees do not have to be clear cut and replanted each year. The Malaysian Palm Oil business employees over half a million people annually with a Zero Waste initiative to further benefit the environment. Malaysian Palm Oil is a high temperature cooking oil that is found in many of the better-for-you nutrition bars and foods you already love!

Why is Malaysian Palm Oil better for you?

There are so many amazing benefits to choosing Malaysian Palm Oil over other oils. First, it is trans fat free, making it a better choice when you’re comparing partially hydrogenated oils. You will find that it is packed with nutrients, including Vitamin E (tocotrienols) and has a balanced fatty acid content. Plus, you can rejoice over the fact that it is non-GMO. Other cooking oils that come from corn and soybeans often use plants that were genetically modified to produce higher yields. I don’t know about you, but I would rather stick with something that can be produced in larger quantities naturally over something that is pumped full of chemicals I can’t pronounce.

Malaysian Palm Oil | Harper Mondays

What’s cooking with Malaysian Palm Oil like?

Easy. Seriously. I was nervous to use the cooking oil, so I eased myself in with the super easy recipe they included. I made popcorn! Even though the oil was partially solid, it melted as soon as I cranked up the heat. That’s the beauty of Malaysian Palm Oil it thrives at high temperatures. Some cooking oils break down into harmful chemicals when they’re used at high temperatures. I cringe at the thought of using those oils with my family. The oil itself has a long shelf life and resists spoilage making it the perfect oil for moms that aren’t frying foods regularly. My main concern with using Malaysian Palm Oil was orange food, and I am here to say that my popcorn was not orange! It was white with some golden yellow from the oil you know like regular popcorn. Foods cooked with palm oil retain their flavors without being masked by the oil and they don’t absorb as much of the oil. My popcorn was light, crispy, and not soaked in oil. It tasted amazing, and I was super surprised that palm oil wasn’t sticky at all. It looks syrupy when it comes out of the bottle, but I was able to clean my utensils quickly and easily.

I’ve made a serious progression in my cooking oil came. I started out with simple vegetable oil in my younger days, moved to canola, coconut oil, and then finally landed on extra virgin olive oil. It sounds healthy right? Plus, it was just easy to grab when I was out shopping and not having to think about all the kinds of oils that are available to me. While I love that there are different oils that are perfect for different cooking scenarios, I think my family has officially made the switch and Malaysian Palm Oil has landed the top seed in our cooking oil ranks. Right out of the bottle it smells good and leaves me feeling good after I enjoy a nice meal that incorporates palm oil.

Malaysian Palm Oil | Harper Mondays

Still not convinced?

Palm oil is used in over 50% of all products in the United States. Some of your favorite cookies, snack foods, cereals, dish detergents, shampoos, and more use it! You’ll be surprised to hear that the highly loved cookie brand Oreo contains palm oil. I don’t know what kind of moms are reading this, but if it’s good enough for Oreo it’s good enough for me!

Malaysian Palm Oil | Harper Mondays

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