How to Plan for Pain Management with a C-section

How to Plan for Pain Management with a C-section

How to Plan for Pain Management with a C-section | Harper Mondays

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Pain management after surgical procedures is something that affects everyone; however, data shows that women are prescribed almost twice as many prescription opioids as men after surgery. I was shocked when I read those numbers. While there are many surgical procedures that are women-only procedures, one popular surgery that often leads to an opioid prescription is a caesarean section (C-section). Childbirth is a moment that some women would label as the biggest moment of their life. The Choices Matter campaign is giving mothers a voice when it comes to opioid prescriptions after childbirth. For those thinking about becoming pregnant, there some things that I want you to know.

The rhetoric with some doctors is to send mom home with a prescription for a painkiller that she may or may not need. Anyone reading this may be cringing at my comment because 1) you couldn’t imagine dealing with the pain or 2) you think post-op for a C-section can be handled without opioids. I’m here to say that both of those types of people are right. Pain is a personal matter. We cannot judge the pain for others, which is why this trend of prescribing opioids has grown. Doctors are trying to create a baseline for treating women after big procedures. During a C-section, a woman is cut in her lower abdomen and into her uterus to safely remove the baby. Admittedly, it is going to hurt and recovery isn’t going to be a breeze. However, a prescription opioid is NOT your only option for pain management.

In the infographic below you’ll see why other options for pain management are needed:

How to Plan for Pain Management with a C-section | Harper Mondays

As shown, more than half of C-section patients are prescribed an opioid at 51%; so, when rating satisfaction, 44% of women were not satisfied with their pain management routine. While we do not know the exact reasons these women were not satisfied, we can speculate the potential negative effects of opioids for the care of their child after birth that many women were already afraid of occurring played a role in the dissatisfaction.

Due to these alarming numbers and growing voice against opioid use after childbirth, I wanted to share a few helpful tips to figure out your best method of pain management:

How to Plan for Pain Management With a C-section

  1. Create a birth plan
  2. Begin the conversation with your doctor early about pain management after birth
  3. Discuss the outcome of a planned or unplanned C-section
  4. Educate yourself on alternative pain management options by visiting

As part of the Choices Matter campaign, my goal is to help educate all mothers whether it is your first child or your fifth child on how you can take control of your body after birth. If you’re concerned about taking opioids, especially after a C-section, please know that you have other options. Pain management should be multimodal and not dependent on one method. There are many non-opioid pain relief methods like over-the-counter medications or even some alternative medicine techniques that can work to relieve pain. Every woman’s body is different, and if you need prescribed opioids to deal with your pain that is okay, but it’s important to know your options.

Being able to educate and advocate for the Choices Matter campaign is a wonderful start to have patients explore pain management options and feel empowered in having that control over their own bodies. The opioid epidemic is growing in our country, and I can say, at least where I live, that it is not unusual to hear reports of opioid overdoses each week. I don’t know where these cases got started with their addictions, but I can confidently say that with more prominent exposure to Plan Against Pain and the Choices Matter campaign that maybe some of these precious new babies and mothers can enjoy their time bonding rather than navigating the effects of opioids.

Please take a moment to visit to learn about pain, ways to manage pain, and women’s health. If you or someone you know are planning to have a medical procedure (men and women included), you can find valuable information with Plan Against Pain so that you can pursue the method that best treats your pain.

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How to Plan for Pain Management with a C-section | Harper Mondays

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