Summer Hair Care Routine by Desert Essence

Summer Hair Care Routine by Desert Essence

I’ve laid out some simple tips for moms on how to take care of their hair with my summer hair care routine that includes some products that I love from Desert Essence!

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Summer Hair Care Routine Desert Essence | Harper Mondays

What Changes for Women During the Summer?

  1. Our skin generates oil like a factory.
  2. Underboob sweat is ferocious and telling.
  3. We carry two extra deodorants in our car now.
  4. Family meals sometimes go from gourmet to cereal.
  5. Your hair is dry, frizzy, oily, and just wrecked by the heat, salt water, pool water, and over use of dry shampoo.

It’s true ladies! Summer is not always kind to our bodies, our schedules, and especially our hair. If you’re like me, you’ve already taken your child to the pool 3,578 times this summer. It’s a lot of loading up, sunscreen lathering, and harsh everything on your hair. Somehow it seems like it doesn’t matter what type of hair you had before June because once it starts heating up you’ll most likely go through them all.

Summer Hair Types

For the curly haired gals out there there is the dreaded frizz. Humidity, wind, and heat make you go from luscious locks to poof ball in .2 seconds of stepping outside. As a naturally curly woman myself, I understand and sympathize.

Flat, dry hair is a problem. The heat from outside sticks your hair to your head like invisible cling wrap, but there are some other culprits: heated styling tools and a dry climate. Using your flat iron every day gives you straight, silky locks. Using your flat iron in the summer gives you frizzy, plastered to you scalp hair that seems super unmanageable.

I want to have a moment of silence for the oily hair crowd. You deal with it year round only to have three months of the worst battle of your life. Thanks to the heat, sweat builds up on your scalp and now your hair is oily and wet. Gross, I know. This is also me! It’s hard to figure our what to do to keep your hair looking like hair and not a shiney, wet mess.

Finally, let me address the different types of water hair: chlorine pool hair and salt water hair. Overexposure to chlorine in pools can leave hair extremely dry and stringy. Not to mention that lighter hair colors can often turn green. It’s not the cool green streaks that are popular these days. It’s the chlorine dyed locks that make you look a little like neon swamp thing. Salt water hair doesn’t come with a free dye job, but it does leave your hair also extremely dry, striped of natural oils, and clumped together. Some would argue that a day relaxing on the beach is worth that kind of hair damage, but is it really?

Summer Hair Care Routine Desert Essence | Harper Mondays

My Summer Hair Care Routine

In the past, my summer hair care routine included an array of products to try to find what my hair responded to best. Recently, I had settled on a few products that got me by, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied with any of them. Thanks to a chance email by Moms Meet, I entered a partnership with Desert Essence, and I must say that I think they’ve got the products that are perfect for my summer hair care routine.

First, let me abbreviate my summer hair care routine, and then I will introduce you to the Desert Essence products I received.

  1. Wash your hair with a lighter shampoo. You don’t want a shampoo that is heavy with moisturizers because while that seems like a great idea to combat dry hair in the summer, you are actually filling your scalp with too much extra oil. You’ll find yourself going from dry hair girl to oily haired girl in only a couple of washes.
  2. Use conditioner sparingly. If you must use conditioner in the shower, rub it only on your ends if you already have oily hair. For those with thicker hair, you can try a full body work through. Conditioner can truly be a trial and error for amount for your own hair.
  3. At least once per week, use a special, deep conditioner on your hair. It can help breathe more life into your summer locks.

You don’t want to your hair to get too dry over the summer because you risk breakage. Ekk! That’s not cool.

Summer Hair Care Routine Desert Essence | Harper Mondays

Desert Essence Hair Products

Desert Essence has a complete line of natural products to add to your personal care routine.  With a commitment to a healthy you and a healthy planet, their products focus on balance and sustainability not only for people but the environment. You will notice that they use desert botanicals that are rich in nutrients and are great at helping keep your body nurtured and balanced.

Anti-Breakage Shampoo & Conditioner

Desert Essence is a salon-quality shampoo and conditioner that uses a variety of high quality ingredients: Country Life Maxi-Hair® plus Biotin, Jojoba, Coconut Oils, Aloe, and Saw Palmetto. Results may vary but through tests they saw a 61% reduction in hair breakage thanks to this shampoo and conditioner combo. An added combination of botanical oils and radish seed extract leaves your hair with a healthy shine. To combat the summer heat, you can start by using this shampoo and conditioner for stronger, more manageable hair. When used together, you will also see you hair get softer making this one of my favorite combinations of shampoo and conditioner out there.

Anti-Breakage Hair Mask

A once-per-week deep conditioner should be in everyone’s hair routine no matter the season. Not only are you most likely going to come out with the softest your hair has ever felt, you’ll be able to regain some balance to your hair. Designed to prevent breakage, the Desert Essence Anti-Breakage Hair Mask contains many of the same ingredients you see in their shampoo and conditioner: Country Life Maxi-Hair® plus Biotin, Jojoba, Coconut Oils, Aloe, Saw Palmetto, Botanical Oils, and Radish Seed Extract. One thing that it includes that you’re missing from the shampoo and conditioner is Olive Oil. It helps optimize moisture balance and aids in the deep conditioner process. You won’t believe how amazing your hair looks and feels after using this hair mask!

Summer Hair Care Routine Desert Essence | Harper Mondays

If you are looking for the Desert Essence Hair Products mentioned above plus their entire line of personal care products (skin, bath & body, oils, and dental care), you can find them locally at Natural Grocers, Luckys Market, MOM’s Organic Marker, and many other natural food stores. Otherwise go directly to the Desert Essence website to order today!

Use coupon code DELovesMomsMeet for 20% off Anti-Breakage and Smoothing Hair Products at!

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Summer Hair Care Routine Desert Essence | Harper Mondays


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