Alpha Foods Plant-Based Burrito Review

Sponsored content featured Alpha Foods Burritos, a plant-based burrito that is meatless and dairy free.

Recently, my family has transitioned from sticking to a certain diet (more on that in another post) to eating literally the fastest meals we can make at home. A lot of times that means that a quick lunch or a dinner that wasn’t planned ahead of time needs to be cooked quickly. I’ll be the first to admit that there are plenty of brands out there offering food you can heat in minutes that are probably the worst foods for you out there. So, I wanted to make better choices for my family when I pick up something quick from the frozen food aisle. Partnering with Moms Meet and Alpha Foods, introduced us to a fantastic line of Alpha Foods products that features their plant-based burritos. Usually, I try to incorporate my partnerships into posts that offer some kind of lifestyle topic. However, for these burritos, I knew that I needed to write strictly a review post. Here’s why:

What are plant-based burritos?

If you’re like me, you also would have no clue what you were about to unwrap in a plant-based burrito, especially ones that are supposed to be Pizza, Mexicali, Fajita Chick’n, and Philly Sandwich. Hello, a Philly-style sandwich is a pile of meat so how was Alpha Foods going to nail a burrito that flavor without meat?! I don’t know how they did it, but they did! Alpha Foods Burritos are 100% plant-based meaning that there are no animal products (meat or dairy) used in their burritos. Each tortilla is packed with non-dairy cheese and a meat-like texture packed full of seasonings for a flavorful experience. I didn’t even miss the meat in the Philly Sandwich burrito because of their ingenious use of spices and other clean ingredients.

You’ll be pleased to know that Alpha Foods also excludes: GMOS, cholestorol, hormones, corn syrup, artificial preservatives, as well as, all animal products from their burritos. This leaves room for them to choose high protein ingredients that include a variety of yummy vegetables.

Do Alpha Burritos taste good?

My husband said it best when we were taste testing our burritos. He said, “What?! These are meatless?! I would have never known that if you wouldn’t have told me.” I told him that these burritos because of their higher quality ingredients cost a little more at our local grocery store, and he confidently said that he would buy them again. That’s an A-plus review if I’ve ever heard one!

I thought that each of the three flavors we tried (Mexicali, Philly Sandwich, and Pizza) were delicious. I didn’t miss the meat because the texture and flavor was there. We even dressed up the burritos with a more traditional approach some guacamole and fresh salsa. I could eat these burritos plain any day of the week though!

Pop a burrito into the microwave for 80-90 seconds, and you’ll be ready to enjoy a more health conscious meal in minutes. Our daughter was afraid to try them because she hates anything even remotely spicy. The spiciest flavor to me was Mexicali and that still wasn’t hot. I wish that our local grocery store would have carried all four flavors because now I really want to try Fajita Chick’n.

If you’re wanting to give these meatless, dairy-free plant-based burritos a try, check out the Alpha Food store locator to find your nearest retailer selling these delicious quick meal burritos! We found ours at Walmart, but there are tons of grocery chains that are carrying this product.

Alpha Foods Burritos will be on my shopping list from now on. I’m so surprised (in a good way) how tasty of a plant-based burrito they’ve created!

Shopping on Amazon more convenient for you? You can find two flavors of Alpha Foods Burritos sold from Alpha Foods available in 12 packs. Check out Alpha Foods Plant Based Burrito, Mexicali and Alpha Foods Plant Based Burrito, Fajita Chick’n.

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