Hello everyone! I’m Melanie!

Cartoon-watcher by day and hardcore cleaner by night. No, I’m not an insomniac or living in my parents basement. I’m a mother to a wonderful little girl and two rambunctious cats.

My husband works outside the home, so that I can work on shaping our daughter into a functional human being. As of this “About Me” update, she’s two and already a teenager. Sighing when something doesn’t go right or she’s asked to do something. Two-nager anyone?

I never thought I’d be on this stay at home mom journey, but here I am. I started blogging seriously in 2011, but have been writing online since 2006. I’m a college graduate that really started getting serious about blogging after taking a class that was focused solely on writing online. My psychological studies gave me my bachelor’s degree, but it with the communication arts and creative writing focuses I minored in that keep me focused on blogging.

First, I shared exclusively coupons and shopping deals, but I have since made that a small part of what I do. Sometimes I will share¬†my frugal finds because I can’t help but tell anyone who will listen about a great Target clearance find or my best end-of-season deals.

Harper Mondays is my lifestyle blog devoted to family and all kinds of information that has helped me being a mom and an adult. You’ll find product reviews, giveaways, DIY, crafts, recipes, and tons of cat talk. If you don’t like cats, sorry not sorry for any feline posts.

I’m a brand connector, not just a blogger. I work for my readers and want you guys to stick around! I want to pair you with great brands that offer superb products. If they don’t have a stellar product, you either won’t see it here or you’ll have a full review explaining the downfalls.

Enough about me. I want to get to know you! See those social media buttons on the right —>
Connect with me on any of those platforms to see what’s new with my family, new content I’ve shared, and let’s start the conversation!

You can also reach me by email: collegegradcoupons(at)gmail(dot)com

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