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Hi! I’m Melanie, and I’m not just the owner/writer for Harper Mondays — I’m a college graduate, photographer, review enthusiast, frugal liver, and new mommy! Currently, I am married and have two of the most adorable cats around, Stella and Philo. I am a new mommy to an adorable baby girl, who is just as excited as Mommy to try new things! My aim is to bring readers my experiences with new products and provide them with items that will improve their daily lives. My blog reviews all types of products, and I have a wealth of contributors under one roof that are willing to help me, help you by promoting your products.

Social Media Stats (05/02/14)
Facebook – 5,600
Twitter – 2,359
Pinterest – 1,092
Instagram – 416

Alexa Rating (05/02/14)
Global – 859,660
U.S. – 99,235

Product Reviews –
Harper Mondays welcomes all types of product reviews; however, we must limit the reviews to products that are not X-rated or explicitly offensive. We are an overall family-friendly blog.

  • Products for review must be full-size products. I do not feel that I can provide a thorough review with only a sample- or trial-sized version of your product.
  • Reviews will only reflect an honest opinion from a personal experience with your product. I will contact you first if 1) the product experience was negative or 2) the product was damaged in shipping.
  • The turnaround time for a product review post is up to four weeks from receipt of the product. However, I always strive to get the product reviewed and available for my readers as soon as possible.
  • The majority of photos used in product review posts are personal; however, I do incorporate some stock photos from companies to complement the content, e.g., the company’s logo.
  • Product review posts will remain on Harper Mondays indefinitely.

Giveaways –
Harper Mondays will host a giveaway of your product in conjunction with any product review for free. In order to have us review your product, you do not have to opt for the additional giveaway. Please contact us for rates in order for us to host a giveaway for your product only.

  • Companies must provide prize shipment directly to the winner of the giveaway.
  • Giveaway products mailed directly to Harper Mondays will not be distributed nor returned unless prior approval has been given.
  • At minimum, giveaways will run a duration of one week.
  • By hosting the giveaway, Harper Mondays will provide entries to promote your company, Harper Mondays, and fellow bloggers who have opted to further promote your product and company.

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